who are we?

The B Vit- rich durum wheat which grows on the fertile lands of Anatolia, by uniting with the advanced technology, makes difference with the name, taste and available prices of Türkmen Makarna on not only the tables of Turkey but also on the tables of more than 30 countries.

We are processing the best Anatolian Durum Wheat safely and meticulously with world leader Bühler Swiss technology in turbothermatic production lines, by using modern and scientific methods, in our facilities which has the last technological equipments.

With our reliable quality and competitive market policies, in domestic and foreign trade, we make important contribution to the awareness of “Product of Turkey” in pasta sector. Türkmen Makarna is one of the leading companies, which has a corner in Turkish Pasta Industry, growing steady, optimistic about future, in Turkish pasta sector.

The raw material which is chosen by experienced wheat experts is processed meticulously, with right processing and modern production technology and controlled by expert team by making spot-checks. All the stages which may affect the last product quality are checked, stability in quality is guaranteed with the samples from production parties, analysis, production traceability and quality assurance.

Türkmen Makarna is a brand which follows the expectations of the consumers and market conditions, technological innovations, and leading in application of these processes.