our policy


To apply and develop the activity of the requests of the quality management system and food safety management system with attendance of all employees, to present appropriate products to the food safety principles. Complying with the quality standards, make our products and the brand demandable in food markets.

To describe, evaluate and control the possible dangers which may occur for food safety until the consuming time of the product with the acceptance of the raw materials.

To be in compliance with the related standards, legal legislation and our own food safety requirements, trade targets, requests of the customers and suppliers, in our productions. To increase productivity of our production and improving the processes continuously, by producing healthy and hygienic athmospheres with enviroment awareness.

Follow the technological developments, provide the adaptation to the processes and the continuity.


Our privileged target is to provide health and safety of our precious source employees and the trainees and the other employees and the visitors in our workplace during our working hours.

Our company fulfils all related legal responsibilities about Occupational Health and Safety And uses the technologies which do not pose risk in terms of Occupational Health and Safety In the our activities.

Our company evaluates the risks about Occupational Health and Safety and occupational illnesses, Reviews periodically, make the necessary studies to minimize the risks and takes precautions. Our company evaluates the new products, facilities and processes in views of Occupational Health and Safety from the design level.

Our company collaborates with the organizations inner circle for preventing activities collectively in emergency and natural disasters. Our company issue necessary training activities for application and acception of Occupational Health and Safety term by all our employees. The company target is to provide the continuity of Occupational Health and Safety workings and improve them progressively.


Our company is in environment-oriented service and has responsibility to society and to the next generations, by considering natural life conditions.

Our target is carrying out the financial activities and ecological expectation together. Avoiding from wastes, reducing the wastes or reevaluate them is more important than destroying them.

Our company, by analysing the effects of our applications to the nature, prevents and takes out or takes precautions to minimize environmental pollution.

We are aiming for being effective to make the suppliers and subcontractor behave compatible to environment and create and develop environmental awareness on our employees.