We are family with all our employees. Our capital is experienced manpower.

Career Policy

We use human sources effectively and productive.

We are developing training facilities by determining the training needs of our personnels.

We give particular importance to the safety, health and welfare of our company and employees.

We are responsible for society, nature and environment and we follow the moral values and ethical principals.

We carry out the human resources applications which help all of our employees to have a view focused on “human” and “continuous development”, and we bring the human resource which has this view in our company.

We have cooperations based on trust with all of our employees and shareholders.

We give importance to development of all of our employees in all levels, and we continuously “invest in human”.

By providing the continuous development of our employees, we contribute to the company targets such as
“productivity, profitabiality” and “customer satisfaction”.

Acting with team up conscious, we have activities with cooperation of customer, supplier and employee.

We improve the productivity of all the processes with continuous developing conscious.

We provide the continuity of food safety by the help of audits.

We provide opportunities to our employees use their potentials at maximum level and for the sustainability of our

We put in effort to positively effect the life and work qualities of all of our personnels.