As the boiled pasta is serviced with practical sauces, sometimes it meets with the sauted vegetables and meat, and becomes tasty in the oven. The melted cheese on them appetizers. This is the Rigatoni pasta and it makes the master chefs to take off their hats.

Nutritional Values

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Fat
For 100 g. dry pasta
360 kcal. 10.5 gr. (min.) 75.39 gr. 1.92 gr.

Product Properties

Dimensions Shelf life Grammage Barcode Units per parcel package Parcel type
Diameter: 9 mm 2 years 500 gram 8691310001133 20 P.E. Bag / Carton Box

Packaging Types

Package Parcel package P.E. Bag
500 g. package 20x 500 g. package 20x 500 g. package