Pipe Rigate

Pipe rigate pasta meets with meat balls and yoghurt, and reminds us traditional manti, but this is more practical, It is served on tables in 10 minutes, Pipe Rigate Pasta is special for who miss manti...

Nutritional Values

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Fat
For 100 g. dry pasta
360 kcal. 10.5 gr. (min.) 75.39 gr. 1.92 gr.

Product Properties

Dimensions Shelf life Grammage Barcode Units per parcel package Parcel type
11x21 mm 2 years 500 gram 8691310001072 20 P.E. Bag / Carton Box

Packaging Types

Package Parcel package P.E. Bag
500 g. package 20x 500 g. package 20x 500 g. package