Healthy And Balanced Nutrition With Pasta

Makarna yüzyıllardır çok iyi bir enerji kaynağı olarak görülmüştür. Günümüzde, gıda endüstrisinin hazır yiyeceklerdeki kalori değerinden çok uzaktadır. Sindirimi çok kolaydır.

Pasta is an energy source which is known for centuries. Today, pasta is far from the calorie values in the take-home foods of food industry. Pasta is a digestible foodstuff.

It is a carbohydrate rich source presented by nature. Any unnatural additive agents are not used in any processes of semolina and pasta production. Therefore, pasta is one of the necessary foodstuff of the balanced and healthy nutrition.

500 g. Dry pasta gets 1000-1250 g. weight when it is boiled and strained. It is serviced in 4 portions. Pasta is enhancing the notion of filling and economic. It can be consumed as a main course or salad in more than 500 forms and combined with different kinds of foodstuffs (milk, fruit, vegetable, meat, seafoods, legumes). If we consider that a portion of a pasta is 300-350 g., we consume high nutritional value food with minimum cost.

Generally pasta products are digestible foodstuffs, since they are not too bitter, too sweet, too hard or too salty, it is digestible. Plain pasta is known as anti-ulcer foodstuff. Since the pasta has not a strong odor, it may be serviced with all kinds of sauces and products with different flavour, odor and aromas.

The colour of the pasta shuld be in golden yellow and bright. Since, durum wheat is betacarotene rich, by produced with appropriate technology, the requested yellow colour is given to the pasta. The aldante consistency of boiled pasta is a requested quality parameter. This palatal delight is known and asked for in Mediterranean countries.

Pasta is serviced as a main food in all kinds of soups, menus, as lunch or dinner, it can be easily prepared and serviced in oven, on pan, in cooking pot. On the other hand, it can be consumed with meats, fish, vegetables, different kinds of sauces, yoghurt and cheese varieties. This rich variety is not seen in other foodstuffs. Pasta is an important foodstuff which closes the protein gap in the vegetarian diet routines.

In the past years, it was thought that the pasta is fattening and has a little nutritious values. Today, the nutritionists understand the value of the pasta in our diets. Cereal based foodstuffs such as pasta are fibrous and complex carbohydrate sources. Carbohydrates provide vitamins, mineral and energy to our bodies. Carbohydrates are generally in the digestible starch forms. Starch is absorbed slowly by our bodies and at the end of this, we have saturation feeling. Pasta is a good choice for the people who should keep their energies such as athletes.

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